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  • Adam W.

    “SLU has … applied for demo permits but plan to keep the smoke stack and building facade (facing grand).”

    Um, no. According to SLU spokesperson Clayton Berry on STL Today:

    “That being said, the university is–as part of its planning process–looking at which site features could possibly be preserved, including the tall smokestack and the facade of the building at Grand and Chouteau.”

    In other words, they are only THINKING about keeping the smoke stack and facade, and only after a bunch of people raised hell. Then they conveniently had STL Today pull the original story, which reported only demo, and replace it mid-day with the story that says they are “looking at” the possibility. Considering the amount of long-standing (after demo, of course) vacant land SLU owns in Midtown, and the fact that this building and much of the remaining complex are city landmarks and in excellent condition for redevelopment, this is yet another slap in the face from Lawrence Biondi – another display of his power over Midtown and his contempt for anyone who dares care about the city’s historic architecture and character. Since the SNHC seems to be Catholic-affiliated (based on the “formerly St. Margaret Housing Corporation), I assume you pretty much go along with whatever Lawrence Biondi wants.

    November 07, 2011

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